Hello! I’m Brett Booker.

Brett Booker [AIC] is an incarcerated crime-fiction writer whose storytelling has recently garnered a lot of buzz because of his immersive and unique plots, clever use of humor, and phenomenal ability to transport readers into entirely new worlds.

A reformed cyber-criminal, Brett Booker taps into his past experiences within the criminal underworld to share stories that reflect our new age of high-tech crime. Delving into everything from the dark net and crypto currency, to corporate espionage and ransomware, he simplifies high-tech concepts so the focus can remain on the story itself.

While most crime-fiction writers craft stories that are pro-prosecutor and
pro-cop, Brett Booker intentionally chooses to be pro-justice and pro-truth. He understands that no aspect of humanity is black and white; there is often a gray area that should be further explored. Laws, and therefore crime, is only a matter of perception—in constant evolution to the values and beliefs of a society.

Although this is a foundational principle to his writing, many fans prefer Brett Booker’s style over other authors because his prose is fast-paced, easy to read, and completely enthralling. Either way, he hopes to return to society in late 2023.

If you’d like to visit Brett Booker’s Amazon Author Page, you can do so by clicking HERE.

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