Brett Booker Portrait

Brett Booker is an underground crime fiction writer whose prolific story telling has recently garnered a lot of buzz because of his immersive and unique plots, clever use of humor and phenomenal ability to reference current events in a way that leaves you thinking.

     Currently serving an eleven-and-a-half year sentence in the Bureau of Prisons for “research chemicals” and his activity on the Dark Net, Booker originally began a blog that detailed the events of the daily prison existence; feeling as though he was shedding light on the difficulties and plight of American prisoners.

     Once he came to the realization that the blog was actually promoting and even trivializing mass incarceration, he shuttered the site and followed his passion for writing fiction. It all began with one short story that Booker prepared on the typewriter and distributed to several other inmates.

     The feedback he received was quick and powerful. To put it simply, they all craved more as they found his story telling a powerful vehicle to escape their monotonous and dreary reality. Even keeping some away from other preferred forms of escape, such as snorting pills and smoking K2.

     Despite repeated lockdowns and vindictive guards who would throw away his manuscripts, Booker has kept writing stories and creating new worlds. With a truly one of a kind creative mind, Brett Booker is an up-and-coming Millennial writer you got to keep an eye on!

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