AIC | Verb

A·I·C | \ ‘ay-eye-see \

Definition of AIC

transitive verb

1: Mode Of Being

   a: Anti-Conformist

   b: Insanely Curious

   c: Creator of Worlds

Example: i AM the BRETT BOOKER, AIC

Why AIC:

Attaching AIC to Brett Booker came out of intentional necessity. It is a proclamation of what Brett Booker stands for, as well as an explanation of the driving force behind his creative works. Each letter of AIC represents a set of words that stand in order of importance.


Brett Booker began AIC with Anti-Conformist as he believes that “adhering to conformity will rob you of your freedom, potential, and inner-purpose.” Conformity in his eyes is an undesirable trait that is linked with the inability to maintain a sense of self, including personal beliefs and opinions. In our modern world, this has become an even greater threat to creative freedom as angry mobs group up to suppress and coerce people into their line of thought.


Then there is the I of AIC—Insanely Curious. Brett Booker has always been an insanely curious individual who prides himself in being a lifelong student. In the pursuit of self-mastery, Booker strives himself on expanding his ability to produce results through seeing reality accurately and living in continual learning mode. This all begins with curiosity, and if lost, you not only fall prey to conformity, but of curiosity’s magical power to utterly transform your worldview and life.


Lastly, we have Creator of Worlds. This makes up the C of AIC, and wraps it all up into a cohesive and potent mode of being. At Brett Booker’s core, he is a creative. He must create for creations sake. Even while in prison, when he had all the odds stacked against him, he found creative ways to express himself that left an impact on those around him. There is intention to everything Brett Booker does. His ultimate goal is to take people on a journey and emerge them in worlds to inspire and be inspired.

Origins of AIC:

As was demonstrated above, AIC is so much more than an acronym; it has evolved into a verb that is the epitome of Brett Booker’s modus operandi. An exact date to the DNA of AIC (Anti-Conformist, Insanely Curious, Creator of Worlds) cannot be determined, as they are character traits that have developed over his life. However, in March of 2022, while serving time in a federal prison in the Central Valley of California, this DNA was woven into what is now known as the Brett Booker, AIC.


branding & creative inspiration: Alexander ᴬᴰ

Uses of AIC:

i AM a Writer, the Brett Booker, AIC.


Brett Booker [AIC], Creative and Innovator.


Designed by Brett Booker, AIC.

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