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Hundreds Of Inmates Left Behind In Storms Path

In South Carolina, we have heard local and state officials reiterate how important it is for costal residents to evacuate, and seek refuge from Hurricane Florence. Alerting residents of the multiple dangers of staying put, which included death. Prior to the storm, Gov. Henry McMaster had made a promise not to "gamble with the lives [...]

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Using An Iron To Make It Toasty!

Who doesn't prefer their food hot or warm? Well, I guess it depends on the food. Nonetheless, there is one thing that unites just about every human being on Earth: a hefty and scrumptious burrito. Considering I have only two options for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the chow hall or the food out of my [...]

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The Killer China Man and His Cat Army

Every morning, as the sun begins to climb over the walls of USP Leavenworth, illuminating the desolate and despairing prison yard, an army of cats stand guard. Not all necessarily united either, for there is a lot of territorial claims and in-fighting between them. However, they are all loyal to their leader: the Killer China [...]

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Federal Prison Happy Meal

Did my title surprise you? That the coveted McDonalds Happy Meal has infiltrated the federal prison system? Well, not quite. But we have something that we consider a good equivalent. Look, when you live in such a desperate and hopeless environment, you need something to look forward to. As I have mentioned a few dozen [...]

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Lessons From The Gangster Midget Who Beat A Man Up With A Wet Floor Sign

Since my imprisonment, I have come across the most peculiar of people. We're talking about the criminal under-world, so I am sure you can imagine the various stereotypes that make up the prison population. No matter who I encounter, from every socioeconomic background, I use my unique perception to learn something new and useful. And [...]

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The K2 Epidemic Of Federal Prison

What comes to mind when you read the phrase 'Get Bodied'? Possibly someone getting beat or stabbed to death? I mean, that's what all the TV shows and movies portray about prison. Well, not quite. It still involves people getting taken out on a stretcher, but they do so willingly and are extremely happy about [...]

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The Three P’s The Lead To Success!

"Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle." - Anonymous Since my arrest, I have made it my mission to completely transform my life from an international drug trafficker, to a motivational guru. And why might you ask? Because it is my way to pay back the [...]

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Dude … Helping Others Vastly Aids Your Brain and More!

Scientific studies have been published in the past few years that suggest that helping others benefits the giver more than the receiver. That right! You officially have no excuse not to help out a fellow human being. One such study entitled, "The Neurobiology of Giving Versus Receiving Support: The Role of Stress-Related and Social Reward-Related [...]

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Trying To Make Others Happy With My Sweat

Whattup Paradoxians! You requested an experiment, so here is one! Recently, I read a random fact, from a fantastic fact book, that stated and proclaimed that the sweat of happy people can make others happier if they were to sniff it. I am not sure if it involves the hormones in one happy persons sweat [...]

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Whattup Paradoxians! For those few who actually read my blog, which you are awesome for, you might have been wondering why I've gone dark. Where exactly I have been. Well, I'm no longer at USP Leavenworth. That's for sure. After several long bus rides, a ConAir flight and 6 states along the way, I have [...]

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