Beating The Feds: A Manifesto

Beating The Feds: A Manifesto

“The truly vile individuals in society are the ones whom have willingly allowed the powerful elite to dominate and influence them, rather than embracing individuality. Therefore, they’re destined to drown in the vast ocean of mediocrity, unremitting till death; while the elite swim upon it, perpetually taking pleasure in the treasure troughs in which they’ve succeeded in procuring through one’s demise.”

     – Brett Booker, USP Leavenworth, 5/30/2017

     On November 14th, 2016, my life changed forever. As I stood before a United States District Court Judge, I was sentenced at the age of twenty-two to a consecutive term of eleven-and-a-half years for “research chemicals” and my activities on the dark net. A term that represented more than half of my life at that point in time, I felt completely numb. When the judge finished reading her judgment and remanded me back to the custody of the U.S. Marshals, she struck her gavel with such force that I felt the vibrations run down my spine.

     Since that day, things haven’t got much easier. Between the Con Air flights and bus rides that have taken me between federal facilities across the country, I’ve been sent to lockdown on frivolous grounds, have had multiple manuscripts thrown away by vindictive guards, and have seen all meaningful attempts for reform shot down. In others words, the government has tried their best to break me and countless others. This, however, has failed to extinguish my desire to continually learn, evolve and elevate my consciousness.

     If prison has taught me one universal truth about the human condition, it is that the spirit can remain free despite physically being held in bondage, and how many have constructed a mental prison that perpetually taunts and tortures them no matter their societal position or status. After years of reflection I’ve come to believe that most humans are not prepared for freedom, as true freedom can only be achieved depending on one’s own ability to attain self-mastery. Just as I alluded to in the above quotation, individuals who choose to not govern their own lives are forced to find masters to influence and govern it for them.

     In today’s tumultuous political environment, so many have been stripped of their individuality and have aimlessly joined angry mobs on either side of the political spectrum; suppressing their creative spirit. Considering the criminal justice system has done this to me–through denouncing my existence to a register number, standard uniform and constant threat of punishment if I refuse to conform–I’ve been disheartened to see this shift from afar. That in mind, this manifesto is a declaration of war against the government’s attempts to suppress my creativity, individuality and human spirit.

     Just as Cortez created necessity when he ran all of his ships aground and told his men to conquer Mexico or die, or how Caesar did so by crossing the Rubicon, I have a similar sense of self-urgency by which I must create or die. This is a matter of life or death to me. Not only must I create to be spiritually fulfilled, but I must do so in a way to avoid mediocrity. In fact, I’d rather be the greatest failure then just an average writer and artist.

Through this blog, I’ll begin to share my profound storytelling and transcend through my muse to creative greatness. By continually refusing to assimilate to the identity of an inmate and accepting the surrender of my self-governance to that of the cultural and political elite, I’ll beat the feds and my haters while achieving true creative freedom. From this point forward, I’ll be nothing but my true authentic self and continue to take my fans to worlds they’ve never seen before.

I’ll utilize fiction to not only entertain, but add perspective on the human condition. I have stories to tell, worlds to create and insightful messages to spread. For these reasons, my rise cannot be stopped. It does not matter what the government may try to do to me. They can throw me in chains, take all of my worldly possessions and even confine me to the darkest and most isolated prison cell, but they will never contain my spirit, for it is free, like a shark lurking in the deep blue sea.

This is my manifesto. A declaration to create for creations sake; endless possibilities await; I must determine my fate.

In fact, click HERE to read about what I’m doing now to uphold my creative vision.

I’d like to hear your thoughts. Comment down below to let me know what resonated with you the most. We’re all in this battle together over resistance, and working towards our full potential. Thus, your perspective is valued.

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