A Girl’s Truth: A Ransomware Attack

A Girl’s Truth: A Ransomware Attack


When a hacker by the name of Th3 [email protected] uses a computer to rage vengeance in the real world, and attempts to take down a billionaire’s business empire, global mercenaries, gangsters, the FBI, and high-tech crime collide in pursuit of an identity.

Starting with a devastating ransomware attack on a promising ride-hailing startup, Camila Moreno and Chris Kaiser of the FBI’s Cyber Action Team show up to the offices of yDrive to investigate. yDrive was one of many prominent companies to be hit by a growing wave of cyber crime, so pressure had been placed on the Bureau to respond and defend to such attacks.

But this one was different. Th3 [email protected], who took claim for the ransomware, begins attacking a wide array of companies in ways they hadn’t imagined. After luxury car heists and public shootouts, Chris and Camila are propelled on a life altering chase that will test their loyalties and cause morality to blur.

Ultimately, it becomes clear to all that one cannot escape the past as the truth always comes forward. Begging the question—what is the girl’s truth?


Praise For A Girl’s Truth:

Who would be a more discerning crime-fiction reader than a prisoner themself. The following reviews come from other men Brett Booker has been imprisoned with.

Total Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“I could not put down this book. The short chapters trapped me into saying just one more chapter, then another, until I finished it in a day.” – Art S.

“Funny, thrilling … mind blowing. I kept telling myself, damn, people can do that! I’ve never read a story quite like it.” – Quinten H.

“I highly recommend A Girl’s Truth. It was a fast read that never lost my attention. I had to know who the hacker was.” – Jose L.


Note From Author:

Thanks for checking out my book. As an imprisoned author, I find it to be a miracle to be published at all given the challenges I face daily. From a lack of useful technology (we’re stuck on janky typewriters) to living in a chaotic environment, it is only through passion and collaboration that you have found me here. Therefore, I’d like to give a big shoutout to the Mt Diablo Media LLC team for powering my platform.

A Girl’s Truth was motivated by experiences from my own life, and was written while serving time in federal prison. If you ever want to know more about my creative process or receive exclusive updates and content, join my Inner Circle Newsletter HERE.

I look forward to engaging with you further!


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