Introducing #FFSunday

Introducing #FFSunday

Beginning this Sunday (9/20/20), I’ll begin posting weekly works of flash fiction. As an up-and-coming crime fiction writer, this is my opportunity to show the world my storytelling talent. However, you still may be asking yourself: Who the fuck is Brett Booker anyway?

     To put it bluntly, I’m a convicted cyber-criminal who is currently serving an eleven-and-a-half year sentence in federal prison for “research chemicals” and my activities on the dark net. Having been sent to prison nearly five years ago, I’ve used my keen observation skills and own experiences in the criminal underworld to write immersive, mystifying and introspective stories.

     This is one of many reasons why I stand out against my peers in the field. Not only do I have a direct connection to worlds rarely seen, but my storytelling is NOT pro-prosecutor and pro-cop (as it pertains to focus) like almost every other crime fiction writer. I’m simply pro-justice and highlight the inherent issues with law enforcement in a subtle yet entertaining way.

     I say this in light of the fact that I’m mostly apolitical. Feel like I have to, really. When it comes down to it, my main priority is to entertain you in a though provoking manner. I want my fans to read my stories, and leave with some lingering thought. An alternate perspective of their current reality. Either funny, thrilling or simply pure entertainment, my work will speak for itself. I won’t need to persuade others of its merits and values, as I push dope content. Releasing only the best of the best.

     When you compound the hundreds of underworld characters I’ve encountered with an abundance of time, you get fiction with substance. A fun way to explore the human condition, and experience the darker side of life. That in mind, you can look forward to weekly releases (sometimes more) of flash fiction on this blog every Sunday. All under the hashtag: #FFSunday.

If you would like to know why creativity is so essential to my wellbeing and purpose, click HERE.

To read the first story featured for #FFSunday, click HERE.

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