Voices: Armed Chimpanzees Overtake Wildlife Safari #FFSunday

Voices: Armed Chimpanzees Overtake Wildlife Safari #FFSunday

** !Teaser Warning! Click HERE to read where the “Voices” mini-series began. **

…Read on to follow Jason Bauman on his crime spree after the voices took hold…

Flush with cash after more than two dozen bank robberies, Jason Bauman found himself lying on a bed in a cheap motel room just outside of Miami.

     We did it, Burt’s voice rang through his psyche. We finally made our debut on America’s Most Wanted. The FBI placed us at number ten.

     They were calling him the ‘Boats and Hoes Bandit’ for his signature outbursts during robberies.

     “Not too bad,” Jason said with a smirk.

     Considering his identity was bound to get out after robbing the bank he was a customer at–boldly without a mask or disguise at that–he decided to go all out.

     Hitting bank after bank from the Midwest down to the South, he felt his show getting more and more popular. The producers were showering him with accolades and he encountered more and more fans who would literally freeze with joy at the sight of him.

     Sure, some of them called the cops, but they were fans nonetheless.

     After taking a long drag from a cigarette, Jason slowly exhaled and continued flipping through the channels of the cheap flatscreen in front of him. Feeling as though he was clicking past an endless stream of commercials, he began to dose off until a breaking news alert caught his attention.

     Panning to a shot of a young and exceedingly attractive woman, Jason watched as she described a scandal that was taking place at the Davis Wildlife Safari in central Florida.

     Tipped off by a whistle-blower, the reported described gruesome accounts of animal cruelty and the Safari’s participation in the black-market trade of rare animals.

     Hell nah, the personalities of both Taylor and Sam came echoing through his ears at once.

     How dare they harm God’s creatures!

     Those elite capitalist pigs!

     Filled with rage, he arose from the bed and immediately hurled the TV to the ground, utterly haunted by the images of scarred chimpanzees, seared rhinos and mangled antelope.

     Worse yet, the reporter made it appear as if those in charge of the Safari were going to evade any meaningful attempts for accountability.

     Considering the owner was the nephew of the Governor, he was almost untouchable.

     “We’ll teach you a lesson,” Jason said while staring at himself in the bathroom mirror. “No one evades accountability. No ONE.”

     Stepping out of the motel room and into his latest stolen car, Jason drove off to the nearest hardware store. Once he found a parking spot, he was about to get out when a lingering irritation entered his mind: the fans.

     The last thing he needed was to be swarmed by them on a simple shopping trip. So instead, he navigated on over to the store’s website and ordered five chainsaws, ten crowbars, three sledgehammers and fives axes all for roadside delivery.

     All with the intent to empower a chimpanzee uprising; restoring power to the animal kingdom.

     “Is there anything else I can do for you sir,” the employee asked after loading up the trunk with his order.

     “Nah, that’ll be it. Thank you,” Jason replied while beginning to roll up the window.

     “Hold up,” the employee said. With the window frozen in place, he continued, “I know who you are.”

     “Oh yeah?”

     “Of course. But I’m a fan, don’t worry,” the employee paused. “Keep it up Boats and Hoes Bandit.”

     Jason nodded his head and drove off. It was time to enact one of his biggest stunts yet.

     A few hours later, he wasn’t surprised to discover that the Davis Wildlife Safari was not only open, but had a long line of cars waiting to drive past the Welcome Center and into the park.

     After paying and waiting his turn, he was ushered past a series of gates. He figured there was no use in smuggling the revolutionary arms into the Safari when he could just drive them in.

     “Follow this one road at your own convenience, and it’ll take you all the way through the Safari. Don’t veer off it, give the animals anything or get out of your car,” a zookeeper explained. “And with that, I hope you enjoy your adventure.”

     Of course Jason had not intention of following those guidelines. In fact, once the Welcome Center faded off into the distance, he immediately drove off the road and towards where the Safari-issued map indicated the location of the chimps.

     Picking up speed as he got closer to their enclosure, he rammed the car through the fence and bolted towards a community of roughly thirty-five chimpanzees.

     Slamming on the brakes just outside of the group, Jason froze.

     Let’s go, Taylor urged. Chimpanzees are humanity’s closest living relative and these bastards are abusing them.

     After taking a deep breath, Jason hopped out of his car, walked to the trunk and began unloading all the supplies.

     At first, the chimps were acting quite shy; but after a long moment, they began to approach.

     Watching to see what they do with anticipation, one chimp picked up a crowbar and playfully swung it around.

     “They’re embracing me,” Jason said under his breath just as the chimp lurched forward, swung the crowbar and made his world turn black.

     When he finally woke up, he was in joy about all that occurred. After wielding all of the revolutionary arms, they managed to free all of the other animals before descending upon the Welcome Center.

     Jason watched from afar as they terrorized Safari staff, lit the building ablaze, and fought off a team of men sent to tranquilize them. For almost an entire week, the chimps conducted patrols and occupied the ravaged building.

     They’re a lot smarter than people realize, Taylor reminded him.

     Unfortunately, they were no match for the National Guardsmen sent in to take control. Within an hour, they were all sedated and caged to be shipped across the globe.

     Hiding behind a tree as it all went down, Jason was startled when a Guardsman came up from behind.

     “Hey! Who are you?”

     “Just a … a reporter,” Jason replied. “This is the biggest story to hit central Florida, and I wasn’t about to miss it.”

     “Fuck,” the man paused, sizing Jason up. His heart began beating so fast, that he felt the other man could hear it. Hoping and praying that he wouldn’t be recognized, Jason began to think dark thoughts of what he would do to get out of this situation.

     He slowly reached for the pistol that rested in his waistband until the man finally blurted, “just get out of here.”

     Strolling out of the Safari, Jason smiled brightly for the cameras. “The adventure continues.”

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