The Fate of The Bitcoins Boys #FFSunday

Introducing The Bitcoin Boys!    —  A Flash Fiction Mini-Series Previewing On #FFSunday and To Be Published Every Wednesday       * * * Like/Share If You Wish You Bought and Held Bitcoin Before Its 2017 Meteoric Rise * * *             | PREVIEW: Money is hard to get yet even harder to keep. Two flashy 20-year-olds who’ve become crypto rich find this out the hard way as predators lurk around every corner. Read on to discover what happens to their crypto riches … | ______________________________________________       Across from the harbor in downtown Dana Point sat a group of kids on a small patch of grass, skateboards at their feet as they blew fat clouds of vapor from their eCigs.      “Who is that,” one kid asked the other of the Instagram page he was surfing.      “Jake Poppleton,” he replied in between drags. “He’s one of the two Bitcoin Boys. Just a few years older than us, these guys are crypto rich.”      “Looks like a douche bag to… Continue Reading

Throat Sack Hoax Court Battle #FFSunday

** !Teaser WARNING! Click HERE to read where the “Throat Sack” mini-series began. ** …Having been accused of creating a fake trend for profit, will Sonny Goldman survive the court battle… When word broke out that Sonny Goldman and Eric Summers conspired to create one of the biggest fads ever to hit plastic surgery, the throat sack suddenly became a symbol of FOMO culture and the never-ending competition for likes and follows.      Hordes of women that once drooled and lusted over men with such fatty implants were labeled sack chasers, while the men they followed were now left alone, ostracized and with rooster-like waddles.      Snorting a line of cocaine off a glass table, Sonny pressed the phone back against his ear. “We’re going to fight this shit, Jim. I’m not settling, ever.”      Jim Jorgenson was the man’s name, and he was a high-powered attorney based out of LA. “Are you sure about that? You know it’s going to cost several million to win this case.”      “Absolutely,” Sonny said. “I’m so flush with… Continue Reading

Voices: Armed Chimpanzees Overtake Wildlife Safari #FFSunday

** !Teaser Warning! Click HERE to read where the “Voices” mini-series began. ** …Read on to follow Jason Bauman on his crime spree after the voices took hold… Flush with cash after more than two dozen bank robberies, Jason Bauman found himself lying on a bed in a cheap motel room just outside of Miami.      We did it, Burt’s voice rang through his psyche. We finally made our debut on America’s Most Wanted. The FBI placed us at number ten.      They were calling him the ‘Boats and Hoes Bandit’ for his signature outbursts during robberies.      “Not too bad,” Jason said with a smirk.      Considering his identity was bound to get out after robbing the bank he was a customer at–boldly without a mask or disguise at that–he decided to go all out.      Hitting bank after bank from the Midwest down to the South, he felt his show getting more and more popular. The producers were showering him with accolades and he encountered more and more fans who would literally freeze… Continue Reading

The Rise of the Throat Sack #FFSunday

“C’mon,” said Sonny Goldman. “Just think about all the good times we’ve had. All the deals I’ve made for you. You don’t have to do this.”      After a long pause, Sonny said, “Hello? Bruce, you there?”      But it was too late. Bruce Alderman had hung up and taken his business elsewhere. Joining the countless other entertainers who had chosen to dismiss Sonny as their agent.      Perched above the Las Vegas strip in a sleek tower where he had a condominium, Sonny stood frozen by the window, unsure and weary of what to do next.      He didn’t think ageism was a thing until he got older and his clients began doubting his business acumen and ability to land them favorable deals.      Barely pushing 55, he felt a disconnect in their perception of him as he still felt sharper than ever. Either way, with his bills continuing to mount he had to think of something new … and fast. Something that could disrupt pop culture and push through all of the noise… Continue Reading

A Voice Telling Me To Rob Banks #FFSunday

Behind the soaring 40-foot brick walls that surrounded the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas, Jason Bauman stood out on the yard as he did every morning, admiring his favorite cat off in the distance.      Trigger was the name all the convicts gave this particular feline, and she was renown for mauling and pouncing the other cats that lurked about the compound. A reputation that was celebrated in a culture where violence and brute force earned you power and respect.      “C’mon Trigger,” Jason said as he pushed a bowl filled with mackerel out in front of him. “It’s chow time.” He clicked his tongue a few times until Trigger cautiously stepped forward.      To Jason, Trigger was just misunderstood; her violent outbursts and inability to get along with her species a result of her divine essence. In that regard, he felt that they were the same. Outsiders with special powers that others explained off as psychological impairments.      In his case, it was a diagnosis of schizophrenia. This included hallucinations from four distinct personalities,… Continue Reading

Gogol, The AI Powered Dog #FFSunday

“This will be the most important day of my life,” Ivan said to his wife earlier that afternoon.      As she crossed her arms and shot him an all too familiar look, he attempted to amend himself. “Outside of our wedding day of course.”      “Mmhm,” she moaned while defiantly tilting her head to avoid a peck on the lips. “Take your pills.”      Ivan was the chief engineer of a secretive department at Advantex Toy Corporation in Omaha, Nebraska. A relatively new company, they’ve received a massive amount of funding from the titans out in Silicon Valley, and even snapped up the long-vacant lot on 14th and Dodge where they built a sleek glass tower that rivaled those in the Big Apple.      “Good evening Mr. Pushkin,” a security guard said to Ivan as he stepped off the elevator on the 46th floor.      Ivan smiled and exchanged pleasantries before crossing the hall to a massive steel door that led to his department’s laboratory and command center. Adjusting the bag that rested on his… Continue Reading

Introducing #FFSunday

Beginning this Sunday (9/20/20), I’ll begin posting weekly works of flash fiction. As an up-and-coming crime fiction writer, this is my opportunity to show the world my storytelling talent. However, you still may be asking yourself: Who the fuck is Brett Booker anyway?      To put it bluntly, I’m a convicted cyber-criminal who is currently serving an eleven-and-a-half year sentence in federal prison for “research chemicals” and my activities on the dark net. Having been sent to prison nearly five years ago, I’ve used my keen observation skills and own experiences in the criminal underworld to write immersive, mystifying and introspective stories.      This is one of many reasons why I stand out against my peers in the field. Not only do I have a direct connection to worlds rarely seen, but my storytelling is NOT pro-prosecutor and pro-cop (as it pertains to focus) like almost every other crime fiction writer. I’m simply pro-justice and highlight the inherent issues with law enforcement in a subtle yet entertaining way.      I say this in light of the fact… Continue Reading

Beating The Feds: A Manifesto

“The truly vile individuals in society are the ones whom have willingly allowed the powerful elite to dominate and influence them, rather than embracing individuality. Therefore, they’re destined to drown in the vast ocean of mediocrity, unremitting till death; while the elite swim upon it, perpetually taking pleasure in the treasure troughs in which they’ve succeeded in procuring through one’s demise.”      – Brett Booker, USP Leavenworth, 5/30/2017      On November 14th, 2016, my life changed forever. As I stood before a United States District Court Judge, I was sentenced at the age of twenty-two to a consecutive term of eleven-and-a-half years for “research chemicals” and my activities on the dark net. A term that represented more than half of my life at that point in time, I felt completely numb. When the judge finished reading her judgment and remanded me back to the custody of the U.S. Marshals, she struck her gavel with such force that I felt the vibrations run down my spine.      Since that day, things haven’t got much easier. Between the Con… Continue Reading

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