Brett Booker [AIC] is a creative who utilizes many mediums for creative expression—writing, photography, art and music.

When it comes to fiction writing, Brett Booker specializes in stories that revolve around our new age of high-tech crime—crypto currencies, hacking, ransomware, corporate espionage and cyber crime.

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New Release:

The Crypto Pursuit: A Stolen Dark Net Fortune

As bitcoin’s meteoric rise minted millionaires overnight, one stolen fortune is pursued with a bloody passion.

Brett Booker is an imprisoned crime-fiction writer who delves into the worlds of cyber crime, the dark net and crypto currencies. If you enjoy thrillers that are fast-paced, action packed and with shocking twists and turns, then you’ll love his books.


After robbing a dark net marketplace for over $2.5 million worth of bitcoin in 2014, Aaron Aldridge sees an opportunity to uplift his family from poverty. He cashes out on part of the crypto hoard and then saves the rest by transcribing the wallet’s private key onto his favorite vinyl record in invisible ink.

Yet when the operator of the site retaliates, Aaron races home to find his mother killed and the FBI awaiting to arrest him for an unrelated crime. Sent off to federal prison, the record ultimately disappears, no one knowing it’s true value.

Trying to process the consequences of his greed while in prison, he almost forgets about the record until a surge of interest pushes bitcoin’s value to a record high, skyrocketing the wallet’s value above $100 million. Determined to do something positive with the money, Aaron is released from prison and embarks on a pursuit for the record—yet he’s far from alone.

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