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Throat Sack Hoax Court Battle #FFSunday

** !Teaser WARNING! Click HERE to read where the “Throat Sack” mini-series began. ** …Having been accused of creating a fake trend for profit, will Sonny Goldman survive the court battle… When word broke out that Sonny Goldman and Eric Summers conspired to create one of the biggest fads ever to hit plastic surgery, the throat sack suddenly became a symbol of FOMO culture and the never-ending competition for likes and follows.      Hordes of women that once drooled and lusted over men with such fatty implants were labeled sack chasers, while the men they followed were now left alone, ostracized and with rooster-like waddles.      Snorting a line of cocaine off a glass table, Sonny pressed the phone back against his ear. “We’re going to fight this shit, Jim. I’m not settling, ever.”      Jim Jorgenson was the man’s name, and he was a high-powered attorney based out of LA. “Are you sure about that? You know it’s going to cost several million to win this case.”      “Absolutely,” Sonny said. “I’m so flush with… Continue Reading

The Rise of the Throat Sack #FFSunday

“C’mon,” said Sonny Goldman. “Just think about all the good times we’ve had. All the deals I’ve made for you. You don’t have to do this.”      After a long pause, Sonny said, “Hello? Bruce, you there?”      But it was too late. Bruce Alderman had hung up and taken his business elsewhere. Joining the countless other entertainers who had chosen to dismiss Sonny as their agent.      Perched above the Las Vegas strip in a sleek tower where he had a condominium, Sonny stood frozen by the window, unsure and weary of what to do next.      He didn’t think ageism was a thing until he got older and his clients began doubting his business acumen and ability to land them favorable deals.      Barely pushing 55, he felt a disconnect in their perception of him as he still felt sharper than ever. Either way, with his bills continuing to mount he had to think of something new … and fast. Something that could disrupt pop culture and push through all of the noise… Continue Reading

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