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Gogol, The AI Powered Dog #FFSunday

“This will be the most important day of my life,” Ivan said to his wife earlier that afternoon.      As she crossed her arms and shot him an all too familiar look, he attempted to amend himself. “Outside of our wedding day of course.”      “Mmhm,” she moaned while defiantly tilting her head to avoid a peck on the lips. “Take your pills.”      Ivan was the chief engineer of a secretive department at Advantex Toy Corporation in Omaha, Nebraska. A relatively new company, they’ve received a massive amount of funding from the titans out in Silicon Valley, and even snapped up the long-vacant lot on 14th and Dodge where they built a sleek glass tower that rivaled those in the Big Apple.      “Good evening Mr. Pushkin,” a security guard said to Ivan as he stepped off the elevator on the 46th floor.      Ivan smiled and exchanged pleasantries before crossing the hall to a massive steel door that led to his department’s laboratory and command center. Adjusting the bag that rested on his… Continue Reading

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